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All classes participate in a weekly water play session at some point during their school year. Weekly water play in the pool for the 4 year olds begins in the fall with the 3 year olds joining this exciting activity in the spring. Water play, besides being lots of fun, helps to build self-confidence and coordination.
Outdoor Classroom
Children will participate in outdoor adventures on the preschool trail. We believe our outdoor classroom and nature-based classroom programs promote curiosity about the world around them.
The Playball program helps instill life-skills and build self-esteem in kids through sport and movement. All classes participate in this program on a weekly basis.
YMCA The Lunch Crew.png
The Lunch Crew
On Lunch Crew days, the children bring their lunch and stay until 2:00 pm for a fun time spent eating, playing outside/gym, enjoying games, etc. with their classmates. There is a $10 fee per Lunch Crew session.
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